World War II – The Americans in Sudbury 1944/45

Lowell Mercil:

“We had to stand on the sidewalk in front of a Pub in Sudbury to have our beer because it was too crowded inside. It was August, 1944 and one of the beautiful nights in England. A sweet little old lady came down the block with a small empty pitcher in her hand. She gave us a very cheery, ‘Good evening my good boys’ and went into the Pub. A few minutes later she returned with a full pitcher of beer and a smile and a good word for everyone. She stopped to talk to our group and we asked her how old she was. She responded that she was over ninety. We asked her what the secret was to gain such a happy disposition. She responded that she had had a pitcher a day since she was thirteen years old and never been sick. Hm-m!”