World War II – The Americans in Sudbury 1944/45

Office of the Surgeon – Report Summary October 1944:

“The section converted an unused garage into a dayroom with a fireplace and easy chairs. The rooms at sick quarters got a coat of white paint to combat the ‘gloomies’.

The venereal disease rate remains high. The most outstanding sick call made during the month was made by Major J.W.Brooke in answer to the pleas of a civilian neighbor. Major Brooke was taken out to observe a neighbor’s flock of chickens which were flopping all about and falling in all directions. Their necks assumed the most peculiar angles. Major Brooke being a detective as well as a doctor soon discovered that a few GIs had fed the chickens Post Toasties that had been soaked in alcohol. It seems that chicken are much easer to catch when they are drunk. For the sake of Anglo-American relations, the neighbor was not told the true facts of the cause but was consoled by the promise that the flock would soon be well.”