World War II – The Americans in Sudbury 1944/45

The friendly invasion seen through English eyes

A collection of contemporary and later memories of local people who remember the American presence on Station 174.

  1. The roar of engines, yellow tails and red flares
  2. Arrival of the 486th, chaff and baseballs
  3. Radar mascot, the Doughnut bus and Jones of Waldingfield
  4. Public relations, American MPs and the colour bar
  5. Transforming the landscape, battle damage and Glen Miller
  6. Lifesavers, a dangerous souvenir and an important lodger
  7. Enduring friendships
  8. A wartime romance
  9. A crash landing, a banana and a ham sandwich
  10. The evening Liberty Truck, local liaisons and the reality of war
  11. Celebrating victory
  12. Laughter in Court