World War II – The Americans in Sudbury 1944/45

Beryl Doyle (nee Pilgrim) is Ted Filer’s cousin. She met Bill Doyle when she was working at the Melias grocery shop on Old Market Place, close to the American PX – the Red Cross Club in East House.

“ It was the summer of 1944. When the Americans came into town they went to the PX where they bought candy, gum and cigarettes, coffee and do-nuts. There was a low wall in front where they all sat, so as to see the girls coming out from work. I worked in a shop across the road: one afternoon there he was standing in the shop doorway. He walked me home and that was that; in 1945 we were married. Yes, I was young but it worked. It’s now 64 years on: we had 40 years together and it was the best. Sometimes, when I am alone I can see that young American standing in that doorway and I remember when he made me his GI bride.”


Bill Doyle

Bill Doyle


Beryl Pilgrim

Beryl accompanied her new husband to Germany when he was posted there at the end of the War. He then took her home to Texas but she found the climate too hot and they both came back to Sudbury. They first lived on The Mount in North Street and then in Garden Place. Bill worked at Baker’s Mill.