World War II – The Americans in Sudbury 1944/45

A collection of documents, letters and other writings from the American viewpoint. Many of these have been taken from “War Stories of the O & W” by Wood and Bee.

  1. Tread carefully! Extracts from “Instructions for American Servicemen in Britain 1942.”
  2. A Suffolk winter
  3. Christmas party time. December 25th 1944
  4. Seeing in the New Year in a blackout
  5. “Here We Are Together”
  6. A winter crossing, first impressions and a problem with laundry: Jack Keller
  7. The wonderful Red Cross girls. Extract from ‘Masters of the Air’ by Donald L. Miller
  8. An English Wolf
  9. More laundry memories and the vital work of the ground crews
  10. More from the men on the ground – Marnie Wilson
  11. Encounter with a sweet old lady – Lowell Mercil
  12. Strained Anglo-American relations
  13. Do not touch! Base Bulletin Board June 1944
  14. Chickens on a high. Office of the Surgeon – Report Summary October 1944
  15. Behave yourselves! Base Bulletin Board June 1945
  16. Men from Mars
  17. Keeping warm