Fatal accident on Base

Notice posted on the Base Bulletin Board:

“It is with deep regret that this Command has to announce the death of S/Sgt. Joe Alshelter, Jr. Sgt Altshelter was killed whilst on guard watch at a hardstand, by a propellor as the aircraft started to leave the hardstand to begin its taxi run. Once again, our men on the line are cautioned to be extra vigilant during this darkest of seasons. Look twice before stepping once.”


Joe's grave at Madingley Cemetery (Location D 6 40)

Joe's grave at Madingley Cemetery (Location D 6 40)

Chet Brundage recalled many years later, “One dark cold English morning, as our aircraft were warming up and taxiing out for the day’s mission, Joe, weary, sleepy, and unaware of danger amid the confusing roar of many engines, was apparently unseen by the crew of the aircraft, who were concentrating on the many items that claimed their attention during the start of a mission. One of the propellers claimed one of our own. Joe Altshelter was laid to rest in the American Cemetery at Cambridge.”

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